Carolyn R.

“Dr. Rasmussen was wonderful. The end result is exactly what he told me it would be, exactly. I am thrilled!” Listen to more of Carolyn’s testimonial below.

Jamie B.

“I’m glad I found Dr. Cavaretta because he did a wonderful job. I honestly am scared of going to the dentist or oral surgeons are even more frightening, and after I met him, he just put everything at ease.” Listen to more of Jamie’s testimonial below.

Patricia P.

“Dr. Rasmussen is warm and friendly and makes you feel like family. When you walk in here, he greets you with a warm smile, he knows exactly who you are.” Listen to more of Patricia’s testimonial.

Evelyn V.

“I knew they would do an amazing job. I thought Dr. Rasmussen was very friendly and he was very nice. He explained everything thoroughly to me, so that was great.”
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Shalini K.

“Dr. Cavaretta is very warm, very attentive, he answered all my questions, made me feel very comfortable, and after that first meeting I knew he was the doctor that was going to fix my tooth.”
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Lauren C.

I opted to get all four of my impacted wisdom teeth out and choose Dr. Cavaretta after some careful research.

When I went in for my consultation, I was thoroughly impressed, my x-ray, risks and benefits video, discussion and Q&A with Dr. Cavaretta, as well as my insurance benefits explanation took about 45 minutes. He was very patient and calmed my anxiety.

When I went in two weeks ago for my extraction, I came in a little early and was actually seated with my surgery team a few minutes prior to my appointment time. Dr. Cavaretta administered the IV, and I was completely relaxed. My entire appointment was about 30 minutes and then I headed home. I wasn’t swollen at all, and dozed off and on the entire day. The following day I was moving around and 2 days after I even ate some solid foods.I greatly appreciated my follow up call on the following day, about 6PM on a Saturday evening.

Three days after, I relied on my Excedrin and Ibuprofen to relieve the pressure. I came in for my follow up and I was even more impressed with Dr. Cavaretta’s bedside manner and again their timeliness. I was completely pain and pressure free about 11 days after my appointment.

I’ve already recommended him to a few of my friends and colleagues.


Kayleigh H.

When I found out I needed to get my wisdom teeth removed I researched all the possible complications and had convinced myself I was going to be one of the rare cases who die during the procedure. I was constantly debating if I should cancel the whole thing even during the car ride to my appointment. I was very terrified of being put under and never waking up. During our consultation Dr. Cavaretta explained they could do a light sedation so I would actually be awake the whole time just in a deep state of relaxation, which made me a bit more comfortable but I was still paranoid that was something was going to go wrong.

So I had all 4 wisdom teeth, plus another tooth that needed to come out removed this morning. I can’t believe how worked up I was getting over this. The whole thing was painless and I’m still alive! It seemed to go by very fast even though I was awake. The lighter sedation was very relaxing and I wasn’t even thinking about what was going on in my mouth most of the time. They gave me a nice warm blanket and sunglasses to block out the overhead light. Throughout the procedure they would ask me how I felt and made sure I was comfortable. I was given a hot/cold gel back to use at home and they wheel chaired me out to the car even though I felt fine to walk. The assistants and office staff were amazing and very friendly. One of the assistants called to check on me and later in the evening Dr Cavaretta called as well.

So far I haven’t felt much pain, just a little soreness and the weird tingling feeling of the local anesthesia wearing off. The doctor said that If there are any complications like dry socket that they will come in after hours so that you don’t have to be in pain through the night, which is pretty cool.

The only bad thing I would say is that I was prescribed anti-biotics and told to start them the day before surgery. I don’t know if he felt I was at a higher risk of infection or if this is just their standard procedure. I don’t like to take medicines if they aren’t necessary and no one I know has had to go on anti-biotics when getting their wisdom teeth out. It was never explained to me why I needed to take them, but on the other hand it’s also my fault for not asking.


Jami R.

So I am a HUGE pansy when it comes to medical things. I have survived 27 years on this earth without having to get an IV, never encountering a cavity and general good health (besides a few extra pounds). Enter my wisdom teeth. I was referred to Dr. Cavaretta after an unpleasant consult with a separate practice.
From day one Dr. Cavaretta listened to my concerns, I have an allergic reaction to Lidocaine and he really made me feel like I was in good hands. No surprises. I even told him I wasn’t afraid of the surgery…I was afraid of the IV. I didn’t want to go the way of Michael Jackson.
He assured me he would not kill me MJ style and to not say that…it’s traumatizing!

I had my surgery a month later…this past Friday. I have my sister (an OR Nurse) fly in to take care of me and we were in the office 7:15 sharp.

I had to change shirts, kinda bummed I put a lot of thought in what comfy shirt I wanted to wear, but was taken back by Heather and put at ease. They got the IV going and it probably wasn’t 3 mins before I asked if the lamp was really dancing and then woke up in the recovery room.

For pain….I have had ZERO. ZERO PAIN. I had two impacted teeth (one was a real bitch to get out apparently) and one extracted. I was out walking around at The Domain that evening and pretty much eating normally by the next day.

I don’t know if it was a combination of my sister keeping me nice and medicated and Dr. Cavaretta’s awesome skills but this was by far one of the easiest experiences ever.


Crystal L.

Dr. Cavaretta is awesome! He took out my last wisdom tooth that had been bothering me for years (I had 3 out of the 4 removed in my freshman year of college but never went back to my previous dentist) and it was quick and painless. My consultation was easy, informative and they were very attentive. They prescribed me antibiotics to take the day before surgery, some ibuprofen and some norco for the pain afterwards and it was all very seemless.

Come the day of surgery, my appointment is on a Friday morning at 9:45am, I get taken back around 9:35am (I showed up early since I was nervous) and they give me pre-surgery routines as well as information about what is going to happen. They gave me a nice warm blanket and some sunglasses to keep the lights out of my face which was quite awesome. The whole ordeal was done by 10:15am so I must say that was pretty quick of them.

I was pretty much in and out and awake the whole time, and Dr. Cavaretta was awesome as well as the assistant that helped me in my wisdom tooth removal. I got a call from him that same night from his cell phone to call if anything was needed which I thought was a super great courtesy to his patients. I healed fast over the weekend and came back for my post surgery check up today and everything was great! 🙂

They showed me how to shoot salt water into my hole where food gets trapped and I think that’s fun in an odd sort of way. So happy my dentist referred me to him as this was the easiest recovery I’ve made! Thanks!


Kendra W.

Dr. Cavaretta is without a doubt one of the BEST surgeons in Austin! Like everyone, I was a total wreck going in to have 4 wisdom teeth removed. He explained the procedure in depth during our consultation and took a lot of extra time to answer my rapid-fire questions. All the way through, he has been beyond incredible. My surgery was a bit more complicated than most and he was available at any time that I needed him. I had a bad reaction to my meds on a Friday night and he was available to send in another prescription for me at 8PM! He puts his cell number on the answering machine for patients to reach him in case they need anything — do you know ANY other doctor that does that? *Doctor of the year award*

All the way through, he has made this experience incredible. I will refer him to ANYONE who needs their wisdom teeth taken out – he makes you feel like you’re the only patient he has and he will take AMAZING care of you. Even if you’re a wimp and call him after hours on a Friday night… and… a Tuesday night…*guilty face* 🙂