Uncommon Causes of Jaw Pain

As many of our patients can attest to, there is little that causes more discomfort that jaw pain. There are many causes for jaw pain, ranging from trauma to a heart attack. The problems associated with the teeth and jaw structure can often be treated by an oral surgeon or dentist, giving you quick relief…. Read More »

COVID-19: How We are Taking Precautions

We know this is a stressful and uncertain time for many of our patients. At Hill Country Oral Surgery, we want to let all of our patients know that we are taking every precaution necessary to maintain a safe environment for all. Because we truly value our patients’ health and safety above all, we would… Read More »

We’re Here For You Now & Always

In these uncertain times, Hill Country Oral Surgery wants you to know that your oral surgery care will still be here for you. Interested? Contact us today for a consultation or call us at 512-327-7233.

Foods to Include in Your Recovery Following Oral Surgery

The pain, swelling, and bleeding after oral surgery will limit your food intake because of difficulty with chewing and swallowing. During your recovery, you should only choose soft foods to include in your diet. These soft foods are easy to prepare by mashing, moistening, pureeing, or grounding, giving your body the essential nutrients it needs… Read More »

Do You Need Corrective Jaw Surgery for Your Underbite?

Over your underbite? You’re not the only one. For many Americans, even a slight underbite can seem extremely noticeable. While many patients with this type of malocclusion can address their concerns through braces or other treatments, some individuals with more severe cases may find that corrective jaw surgery is a better long-term solution. Here’s what… Read More »

Is Bone Grafting Necessary After Tooth Extraction?

Whether the cause of your problems was trauma or tooth decay, tooth extraction is sometimes the best solution for preserving a patient’s oral health. However, removing teeth can impact a person’s wellbeing in other ways. Bone grafting is an excellent solution to help protect dentition and prepare an individual’s smile for future restorative care. Here’s… Read More »

Preparing for Wisdom Teeth Removal: What You Need to Know

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last type of tooth that grows into the human mouth. For many people, these teeth do not pose an issue. For others, though, there is not enough room in the mouth for the teeth to emerge.  In these cases, a dentist must remove the wisdom teeth… Read More »

New Year, New You: Dental Health Resolutions

Good dental and oral care is a vital part of your great smile and offers so many benefits. So, now is the perfect time to resolve to protect your teeth. While we at Hill Country Oral Surgery are happy, able, and highly qualified to help you with your oral surgery needs, we also hope to… Read More »

Dental Options After Tooth Extraction

For many patients, tooth extraction can be traumatic. Every time you look in the mirror, it reminds you of what’s missing. It’s common to feel a profound sense of loss. Many patients try to avoid or minimize smiling due to embarrassment from a missing tooth. You can live with empty space after a tooth extraction,… Read More »

Dental Abscess Symptoms and Treatment

It’s easy to forget about your teeth until something goes wrong. Suddenly your tooth feels painful and sensitive. When you’ve got unexpected tooth pain, it’s time to see a dentist or oral surgeon. You may have a dental abscess. Prompt treatment is crucial to protect your health and your teeth. What Is a Dental Abscess?… Read More »