Can Dental Implants Get Cavities?

Cavities can be a serious oral health concern, and when you’re faced with the reality that you need to replace a tooth (or multiple teeth) entirely, it’s natural to worry about whether or not you will have to face tooth decay in the future. If you’ve ever wondered can dental implants get cavities, you’re not… Read More »

Will a Sinus Lift Change My Appearance?

If you need a sinus lift, you may worry that it will change some aspect of your appearance. This procedure provides essential support for dental implants, oral function, and a healthy, confident smile. When performed by a qualified expert, a sinus lift addresses functional concerns while blending seamlessly with your facial features. While this procedure… Read More »

What is an Impacted Canine, And What Happens If It’s Left Untreated?

Maintaining optimal dental health is essential for a confident and radiant smile. While common dental issues like cavities and gum disease often take center stage, it’s crucial not to overlook less-known problems, such as impacted canines. An impacted canine occurs when a vital tooth fails to emerge correctly through the gum line into its designated… Read More »

Foods To Include in Your Recovery Following Oral Surgery

Patients prepared for oral surgery typically experience a quick and successful recovery. Your dietary needs following oral surgery depend on your overall health, the surgery, oral function impact, and the expected healing period. A liquid or soft food diet is typically required for a few days following your oral surgery. Hill County Oral Surgery recommends… Read More »

Guide to Eating With Dental Implants

If you’ve recently had dental implant surgery, you may find yourself with all sorts of newfound concerns about eating and chewing. What foods are OK and which are off-limits? How soon can you return to eating all your favorite snacks and meals? One of the most significant benefits of dental implants is that they do… Read More »

5 Benefits of the All-on-4 Treatment Method

Evolutions in dentistry have given us more solutions than ever for replacing lost or damaged teeth. Dentures and bridges are well-known options that have been around for several decades, and dental implants are a welcome option for people who only need to replace a single tooth. But today, more people requiring tooth replacement are opting… Read More »

Do All-On-4 Dentures Take Long To Heal?

Sixty years ago, innovations in dental health available today would have been unimaginable. For example, teeth that look and feel natural after permanent tooth loss would not have been possible. But today, we can access innovative procedures like All-On-4 dental replacement. All-on-4 dental implants are cost-effective for missing teeth, advanced gum disease, or severe dental… Read More »

What Dental Solutions Are Best For Replacing Teeth?

Dentistry and Oral Surgery exist to ensure men, women, and children have strong, healthy teeth for a lifetime to eat, smile and talk confidently. Unfortunately, a complete set of teeth is not a reality for many, with over fifty percent of Americans missing at least one permanent tooth. Yet, while the doctors at Hill Country… Read More »

Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

As many health enthusiasts will tell you, water is the best fluid to drink. But some people who pump iron, run, cycle, or include other rigorous activities in their daily lifestyle fuel their activities with ample amounts of energy drinks. Over the past 20 years, these colorful beverages have gained tremendous popularity with athletes and… Read More »

Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction

At Hill Country Oral surgery, our team strives to preserve natural teeth. No matter how perfectly the teeth replacement treatment is performed, it will never be as convenient as your pearly whites. That’s why our dentists insist on keeping them healthy through preventive dentistry and restorative treatments like fillings or crowns.   Unfortunately, sometimes teeth… Read More »