How Your Gut Health Impacts Your Oral Health

Every dentist will tell you that there is a close link between our gut microbiome and oral health, with trillions of good bacteria living throughout your digestive system.  Your microbiome influences your digestion, immune system, metabolism, and hormones. Research shows it can even play a role in your daily moods and emotions. Your dentist will… Read More »

Easy-to-Eat Meals After Oral Surgery

Although oral surgery can be a daunting experience, many patients find recovery just as tricky if they don’t know what foods to eat. You must stay away from foods that not only can affect the results, but also damage your teeth and gums. For most oral surgeries — such as tooth extraction and wisdom teeth… Read More »

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Do you worry about how others perceive you when you smile or laugh? If you have a tooth missing, there is no dental solution more effective than implants. Alternatives like dentures and bridges are quickly becoming outdated by comparison. Even so, you may be wondering how long they last. If that is a concern, we… Read More »

Is Bone Grafting Necessary After Tooth Extraction?

Is Bone Grafting Necessary After Tooth Extraction? Whether the cause of your problems was trauma or tooth decay, tooth extraction is sometimes the best solution for preserving a patient’s oral health. However, removing teeth can impact a person’s wellbeing in other ways. Bone grafting is an excellent solution to help protect dentition and prepare an… Read More »