Reasons for Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

You may have heard that dentures don’t fit well or that they are uncomfortable. This may have been true in the past, but a modern, properly fitted denture can dramatically increase quality of life for a patient. To ensure the best fit and comfort, we may recommend pre-prosthetic surgery in advance of denture placement. This… Read More »

Accidents Happen: How to Treat Injured Teeth

More than 5 million teeth are knocked out each year due to trauma dislodging the tooth from the socket. Teeth can be chipped, cracked, or displaced. Injuries can also affect the jawbone and gums. Dental injuries happen, and knowing what to do when they occur could be the difference between losing a tooth permanently and… Read More »

Implants or Fixed Bridge? What Is Your Best Option?

Missing teeth? Let’s restore your smile. The two primary options for treating missing teeth are implants and dental bridges. Which option is best for you? Keep reading to learn about your options for tooth replacement. At Hill Country Oral Surgery, we can restore your smile and your confidence. We’re here to offer personalized advice. Call… Read More »