Pulling teeth does not have to feel like “pulling teeth”. Our ultimate goal at Hill Country Oral Surgery is to help you navigate this process on your terms and ease your trepidations along the way.

What can I expect from getting a single tooth taken out? Most people who get single teeth extracted usually can get back to work the next day with some minor soreness. If it is at all possible to take the next day off of work, then that may be best.

Are other procedures sometimes necessary with tooth extraction?

When people have teeth extracted and are planning on having dental implants placed, it is often recommended to place a bone graft. The type of bone we use is medically treated bovine, or cow bone, that has been processed to be safely used as graft material. This graft material serves as a space maintainer to keep the gingival tissues out and allow the hard tissues to heal with the adequate shape and quantity to place a dental implant. Sometimes we can even place a dental implant at the same time as tooth extraction. Please view our section on extraction and immediate implant placement. (link)

What are my anesthetic options?

Depending on your anxiety level, difficulty of extraction, and personal preference, we will make a decision together on what is the best anesthetic option for you. We provide local anesthesia, nitrous (laughing gas), oral sedation, intravenous (IV) sedation, and IV general anesthesia. Please visit our section on office anesthesia for more information.

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