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Many dental patients suffer from broken down and diseased teeth for years or have poor-fitting and nonfunctional dentures. Though these individuals may have gone to the dentist over the years and received occasional repairs, it is possible they have finally reached a point where they cannot chew well and find everyday dental function inconvenient and painful; they may no longer

even feel comfortable enough to smile. Specifically, this is called “terminal dentition.” If this is you or someone you know, the professional staff at Hill Country Oral Surgery in Austin, TX can empathize.

With the latest advances in implant dentistry, our team can remove painful and failing teeth, place dental implants, and often deliver replacement teeth immediately at the time of implant placement. The research has been well-documented: patients who receive this treatment, called All-on-4,

enjoy improved quality-of-life and dependable oral function similar to that of their natural teeth.

To learn more about the All-On-4 treatment concept, keep reading. If you ready to schedule a consultation, contact Hill Country Oral Surgery in Austin, TX today by calling 512-327-7233.

Is All-On-4 For You?

The terms “All-On-4” and “Teeth in a Day” are used to describe a procedure where a minimum of dental implants posts are placed to support an entire arch of teeth. A permanent, non-removable restoration is fixed to the implants. Because this procedure has been heavily marketed by corporate clinics, potential patients often misunderstand what to expect, who is qualified to receive care, and what treatment can do for them.

At Hill Country Oral Surgery, our dental specialists are experienced in All-on-4 teeth replacement, and we prefer not to lead patients astray with confusing terminology. Therefore, we refer to the process as Full Arch Dental Rehabilitation.

What Does the Term “All-On-4” Really Mean?

All-On-4 is a branded teeth replacement technique created by Nobel Biocare, but (in general) it describes a procedure where four dental implants are placed in the upper or lower jaw arch, and a full dental prosthetic is screwed into place. In the past, we would have had to place many more implants to permanently reconstruct an entire dental arch, which was highly expensive and extensive. However, with advances in implant materials and technology, we can replace an entire arch of teeth with much fewer implants – often preventing the need for pre-treatment, such as bone grafts, as well.

At Hill Country Oral Surgery, we treat each patient as an individual, allowing us to understand that sometimes more implants are required, given a patient’s specific needs and wants.


Can You Really Get Teeth in a Day?

Many dental practices use this term, leading patients to believe they can leave with a permanent new set of teeth. However, this may not always be the best method of care, even if it’s an option; tissue will shrink as they heal from implant placement, creating a change in the way your prosthetics fit.

The initial set of teeth we deliver at your surgical appointment will be your temporary teeth. They will be fixed in place, and you will not be able to remove them yourself. You will have these temporary teeth for four to six months. Since the temporary prosthetics are not removable by the patient, you can enjoy a stable bite and will be able to see how you like aesthetics and function. Before we fabricate the final restoration, we will discuss if you would like to make any changes. This will ensure we deliver what you are hoping to achieve with smile rehabilitation.

Who is Involved In My Procedure?

Your dental team will consist of the following: a surgeon, a general dentist, and possibly, a prosthodontist (a dental specialist that replaces natural teeth and oral structures). Each member of our team will work closely to deliver a beautiful, natural, and comfortable new smile that will allow you to talk and laugh with confidence, as well eat foods you have been previously unable to enjoy.

Why is Hill Country Oral Surgery Different?

Many general dentists take on complex procedures, even those with no formal surgical training. At Hill Country Oral Surgery, we are experienced and trained dental specialists who have performed these surgeries frequently and with great success. In cases where patients were unsatisfied with previous work, we have even repaired and rehabilitated their smiles. We only work with experienced doctors, in whom we have the utmost confidence. Our goal is to deliver successful results and for you to achieve ultimate happiness with your smile.

Are you Qualified For All-On-4 Dental Implants?

Regardless of the type of surgery you are pursuing, it is always important to be mentally, physically, and emotionally stable. All individuals should have realistic expectations post-surgery. Treatment outcomes are highly beneficial, even life-changing, but the recovery and treatment processes require an investment in the ultimate end goal: a life where you no longer have to worry about your dental function getting in the way of normal habits and routines.

To determine the best candidates for full arch dental rehabilitation, we evaluate bone quality, volume, and quantity.

During your consultation, the doctor will get a better understanding of your medical history and what you hope to accomplish with the surgery. The aesthetics of your smile and treatment timeline can be developed at this appointment, so you know what to expect.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Although the implant process may seem very involved, the post-operative discomfort is very manageable, and many patients are often pleasantly surprised.  We recommend that our patients plan on taking between 3-5 days off of work for recovery.  We will prescribe pain medications that will aid you in the recovery process.  After the numbness of local anesthetic wears off, it is common to experience swelling and soreness, but these symptoms usually only last a few days.

It is imperative to note that following the procedure, you may have to modify your diet. The doctor can give you more examples of what foods you can eat and those you should avoid. This modification is only temporary until you get used to and comfortable with your post-surgery results.

How Long Does the Procedure Take to Perform?

Your implants and new teeth will be placed all in one appointment. Because different patients require different needs, it is hard to say exactly how long the All-On-4 procedure will take to perform. During that first meeting with the doctor, after he assesses the condition of your teeth and mouth, you will have a more precise timeline of events.

What Is the Cost of All-On-4 Dental Implants?

The cost of your treatment plan varies, as each patient is unique. The materials used in your procedure can affect the price, as well as how many implants are placed. While the treatment is commonly labeled as All on 4, some patients may require up to six implants, depending on bone health. Therefore, it is hard to predict just how much each will pay. Your consultation with the doctor will provide a more accurate price. During this time, you can also ask about payment plans and options.

Remember, All-On-4 dental implants are an investment in your health and wellness. After your dental reconstruction is complete, you may find that you pay less over time to maintain the health of your smile – no more fillings, emergency dental appointments for infected teeth, and frequent realignment of ill-fitting traditional dentures.

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If you have been going through life feeling embarrassed or self-conscious because of your teeth, our staff offers the care necessary to help you feel like yourself again. We only get one life, and every individual deserves to go through that life smiling, feeling completely comfortable and confident. And while your teeth may be negatively affecting your quality of life, they don’t have to anymore.

Don’t spend another day wearing loose, unappealing dentures, or hiding broken and failing teeth; the All-On-4 (full arch dental rehabilitation) treatment could appropriate for your needs. We take care of each patient, because we truly want them to be happy and satisfied with their results.

“I knew the staff at Hill Country Oral Surgery would do an amazing job. I thought Dr. Rasmussen was very friendly. He was also very nice. He explained everything thoroughly to me. This was a great experience. – Satisfied Patient

“Dr. Cavaretta did a great job on my implant surgery. Not only the surgery itself but the entire process from consultation and postoperative recovery, was a great experience, too. He explained the surgery to me step-by-step, and very clearly. Compared to teeth extraction, the process of teeth implants has been much less painful. The staff working in the office was also very nice. I feel thankful for Dr. Cavaretta and his entire team.” –  Satisfied Patient

We’ve assisted countless numbers of patients, allowing them to feel proud about themselves and their smiles. Now, let us help you! You only get one smile . . . don’t you want to use it?

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