Teeth in a day

There are many people who have been suffering with several broken down and painful teeth or poor fitting and nonfunctional dentures. They may have gone to the dentist over the years and repaired things along the way, but they have finally reached a point where they cannot chew well or enjoy their food, and they no longer feel comfortable smiling. They have reached what is called “terminal dentition”. With the latest advances in implant dentistry, we can remove these painful and unaesthetic teeth, place dental implants, and often deliver teeth immediately at the time of implant placement. The research has been well-documented on the improved quality-of- life, and function of patients who have benefited from this procedure.

all-on-4The terms All-On- 4 and Teeth in a Day are synonymous for a procedure where multiple dental implants are placed to support an entire arch of teeth, and then a restoration is fixed to the implants that is not removable. Unfortunately, this procedure has been heavily marketed by corporate dentistry and this has led to several misunderstandings as to who is a candidate for this procedure and what we, as surgeons and dentists, can actually deliver. At Hill Country Oral Surgery we prefer not to lead patients astray with these terms, so we call this process Full Arch Dental Rehabilitation.

What does the term All-On- 4 mean?

All-On- 4 describes a procedure where 4 dental implants are placed in a single jaw and a restoration is then screwed into place to replace all the teeth in the arch. In the past we would have had to place many more implants to reconstruct a single jaw, and this could be prohibitively expensive. However, advances in dental implant materials and technology now allows us to replace an entire arch of teeth with much fewer implants. Thus the term All-On- 4 actually describes when we place a minimum of 4 implants to support the whole arch of teeth. At Hill Country Oral Surgery we treat each patient as an individual and understand that sometimes more implants are required given a specific patients needs.

What does the term “Teeth in a Day” mean?

“Teeth in a day” is a term coined by corporate dentistry to simplify the process where we extract all the remaining teeth in an arch, place 4 or more dental implants, and deliver a fixed restoration that replaces the extracted and missing teeth.


Why is it more than “Teeth in a Day”?

The initial set of teeth that we deliver at your surgical appointment will be your temporary teeth. They will be fixed in place and you will not be able to remove them yourself. You will have these temporary teeth for 4-6 months. This will allow you to use the teeth, and see how you like the aesthetics and function. Before we fabricate the final teeth, we will discuss if you would like to make any changes, so that we can be sure to deliver you exactly what you desire.

Who is involved in my procedure?

Your dental team will consist of a surgeon, a restorative dentist, and may also include a prosthodontist (a dentist that specializes in complex dental restorations). Each member of our team will work closely to deliver you that beautiful, natural, and comfortable new smile that will allow you to talk and laugh with confidence, as well as eat those foods that you have been unable to enjoy.

Why is Hill Country Oral Surgery different?

This can be a very technically complicated and nuanced procedure. Many dentists with limited experience take on these procedures, even dentists with no formal surgical training. At Hill Country Oral Surgery we have performed these surgeries frequently with great success, as well as repaired and rehabilitated other provider’s poor outcomes. We only work with experienced doctors in whom we have the utmost confidence. Our goal is to deliver successful results and for you to achieve ultimate happiness with your smile.

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