Safe, Predictable Implant Placement with Guided Implant Surgery in Austin

Dental implants are designed to provide a long-lasting, functional replacement for missing teeth. When properly placed, dental implants can last a lifetime and improve both dental health and appearance. They can also dramatically improve quality of life and confidence. To ensure your dental implants stand the test of time and support your health well into the future, our oral surgeons utilize the latest tools and technologies available. The guided implant surgery technique used during implant surgery allows for a safer, more predictable result.

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What Is Guided Implant Surgery?

Guided implant surgery can improve outcomes in dental implant placement, especially in difficult or complex cases where areas of health and dense bone need to be targeted precisely. In a guided implant procedure, a customized surgical guide is prepared beforehand and is used to ensure the implant is placed in the proper location and at the proper depth. These guides are custom-made, created with detailed imaging of a patient’s oral anatomy and using complex software to determine the best placement options. Guided implant surgery represents the latest available technologies in teeth replacement methods.

The alternative to guided implant surgery is a freehand procedure. During freehand dental implant placement, a surgeon uses their judgment and dental training to determine ideal locations for implant placement.

Guided implant surgery can improve results for many patients, especially those with complex dental needs including:

  • Multiple sequential implants
  • Minimal bone volume in the jaw
  • Specific positioning requirements
  • The close proximity of surrounding teeth or implants
  • Past dental trauma
  • Bone grafting
  • Same day extraction and implant placement

Guided procedures benefit many of our patients, but there are times when a freehand approach is more appropriate. An examination is necessary to determine the best course of treatment for each of our patients. If you’re thinking about dental implants, come into our office for a consultation and examination, the first step toward a beautiful new smile.

The Technology We Use for Guided Implant Surgery in Austin

Guided dental implant surgery is a technologically advanced procedure and requires some very specialized, state-of-the-art equipment. Just ten years ago, these technologies were in their infancy and rarely used. Through modern dental innovation, guided surgeries are increasing in popularity and improving results for patients around the world.

Many oral surgery practices outsource guide construction to third-party companies that offer these services. At Hill Country Oral Surgery, we have the necessary equipment for guided implant surgery in-house. This allows us to control every step of the process, from start to finish. We have invested in this equipment to ensure that our patients will receive the best results and the best care when they come to us

At Hill Country Oral Surgery, we have all of the equipment and technology needed for guided implants including:

  • 3-D X-Ray- We have a cone beam computed tomography scanner in-office (CBCT). This device creates 3D images of your dental anatomy and aids us in extractions and implant placement. Our CBCT device allows us to analyze existing bone and visualize vital structures including nerves. By visualizing the jaw and oral structures before surgery, we can assess the need for preparatory treatments like bone grafting. This 3D imaging also allows us to virtually place implants, showing patients potential outcomes before surgery.
  • In-House 3D Printing- We have an on-site 3D printer used to create custom surgical guides. By creating guides in-house, we can avoid the delays associated with outsourcing this task, providing patients with dental rehabilitation sooner. It also allows us greater opportunity for quality control, ensuring that each guide is made to our exacting specifications.
  • Implant Planning Software – We can input our 3D x-rays into special software that allows for virtual placement of the implant. This helps our surgeons plan every aspect of your surgery carefully and ensures a precise and accurate placement. Using software allows us to place implants that would be otherwise impossible safely.

Our commitment to results and our patients has led us to provide all this technology in-house. We have the equipment, and we are in control of how it used. Our surgeons in staff understand these complex technologies and have advanced training as needed to assist in the creation of guides and planning of each dental implant procedure.  In-house equipment also reduces turnaround times and avoids unnecessary delays in your dental treatment.

Real-Time Guidance for Ideal Implant Position

Hill Country Oral Surgery is excited to offer the latest technology for lasting and comfortable teeth replacement: X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation. This technology goes above and beyond three-dimensional treatment planning and dental implant placement by providing precise imagery of the implant screw position and the depth of available bone. Working in conjunction with our cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) and implant placement guide, X-Guide provides directions in real time, so our specialists can adjust the angle of the implant during the surgical process; think of it like GPS for implant surgery.

X-Guide is an advanced and beneficial tool that allows our oral surgeons to further improve patient results. ensure your dental implants last a lifetime and support healthy oral function. Dynamic 3D Navigation reduces treatment time, improves results, and creates happy patients; there’s no better way to place implants.

Predictable Outcomes Through Guided Implants

Choosing to pursue dental implants can be a big decision. Our patients want to see what we’ll be able to achieve before committing to the expense and recovery required for dental implant surgery. Using 3D imaging and planning software, we can provide our patients with a predictable result. We can demonstrate the possibilities and limitations of each patient’s anatomy so that they can make an informed decision about their treatment.

Before guided technologies were available, implants were placed where the bone was available. Sometimes this was an ideal location, and often it wasn’t. By visualizing the structures and bone in the jaw before surgery and creating a detailed surgical plan, we can prepare the jaw and ensure optimal implant placement. This improves the visual look of implants and creates the ideal environment for a long-lasting dental implant. Proper visualization allows us to place implants, so they are more likely to integrate. We don’t have to guess about the best location for implant placement; we can make an informed and educated decision based on each patient’s unique anatomy.

At Hill Country Oral Surgery, we focus on improving results from dental implants. Guided implant surgery gives us the tools to visualize and plan each surgery. We have the needed equipment in-house, and our surgeons are specially trained in this technologically advanced method of dental implant placement. Schedule your consultation for guided implant surgery in Austin, TX today by calling us at 512-327-7233. Our friendly staff is standing by and ready to answer any questions you may have.