Post-operative Instructions for Gum Grafting

You have just completed a soft tissue grafting procedure and now it is time for the healing process to begin. Just remember that a successful result depends just as much on following post-operative instructions as it does on a good surgery. At the early stages your graft is only held in place with sutures until your body forms a biological seal that is still very weak. Any trauma to the graft site can disrupt the healing process and cause the loss of complete or partial graft.

Donor Site

1. You have been given a palatal stent to aid in comfort during the healing process. Please wear it for the next 48 hours after which time you can remove it for cleaning. After 48 hours it is only worn for comfort and you may discontinue use at any time.

2. The donor site may appear raw and/or ulcerated as it will take a few weeks to begin to be normal.

3. As discussed in consultation, you may experience some numbness over the palate following surgery. This usually resolves over the next several weeks.

Recipient Site

1. Diet– For the first 48 hours following surgery you should have a strict liquid diet only. On the third day you can advance your diet to strict puree diet for the remaining week. After one week, you may advance to a soft diet without chewing on the graft site. After week two has passed, you can slowly start eating harder foods taking care not to chew on the graft site for 4 weeks.

2. Physical activity-Please limit yourself to light physical activity for 10 days following surgery.

3. Please do not brush the area of the graft site until instructed so by your doctor.

4. Once you are instructed to brush the site you may only use an ultra-soft tooth brush taking care to brush away from the graft towards the tops of the teeth.

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