Over the last decade the technology involved in oral and maxillofacial surgery and the planning and placement of dental implants has rapidly evolved. It is our goal at Hill Country Oral Surgery and Dental Implants to always be at the forefront of these advances, so we can provide our patients with precise, successful, and surgery.

What sets our practice apart from most practices?

3D X-ray Analysis

implantWe have our own in-house cone beam CT scanner (CBCT) that we can use to evaluate your existing anatomy in three dimensions, and facilitate our ability to safely extract teeth and place dental implants for you. We can diagnose the amount of existing bone, the proximity of vital structures, and virtually place a dental implant right in front of you all at your initial consultation.

Guided Implant Surgery

guided-implantFor more complicated implant surgeries we can import your 3D X-ray into special implant planning software and place your dental implant virtually. After we have planned your surgery, we can fabricate a surgical guide to be used during surgery to insure precise implant placement. In some practices this processes is hired out to third party companies. At Hill Country Oral Surgery we complete every step of this process in-house.

3D Printing

We have our own on-site 3D printer that is used to fabricate a custom surgical guide to aid the surgeon in more accurate implant placement. This allows us to expedite your treatment and prevent any unwanted delays in getting you back to healthy functioning teeth. It also permits us in-house quality control where we can insure every guide is well-made.

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