Can Jaw Surgery Change Your Appearance?

Enjoy better sleeping and breathing, improved chewing, and a beautiful smile with jaw surgery. Oral surgery is the first step to correct specific cosmetic and functional issues with the jaw. Jaw surgery aims to help patients who have issues like chronic TMJ pain, trouble making the lips meet, or a protruding jaw. But can it… Read More »

5 Interesting Facts About Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifts

Getting a dermal implant to replace a missing tooth or teeth can restore your confidence, and you want to know that your mouth structure will support them. Restoring lost dermal bone and tissue is paramount to enjoying the aesthetic benefits of implant treatment and your overall health. It also restores the natural jaw contour that… Read More »

Types of Facial Injuries Your Oral Surgeon Can Help Correct

Oral surgery is more than tooth extractions, implant surgery, and resolving impacted teeth. It also deals with facial trauma potentially affecting your ability to speak, eat, see, or breathe. Restoring these critical functions requires an exceptionally trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon to correct the aftermath of facial trauma. Here are common facial injuries your surgeons… Read More »