Lauren O.

Two years ago, while living in California, I had 3 of my wisdom teeth out. They left the 4th one in because removing it would involve a relatively high risk of nerve damage and permanent numbness, and they figured there was no point in taking that risk if the tooth wasn’t hurting me. Fast forward two years and it was hurting me – a LOT.

Like the dentist in California, Dr. Cavaretta told me I’d need a coronectomy, i.e., he’d basically cut the top part off the tooth and leave the roots where they were. As I understand it, if you don’t move the roots, you’re less likely to damage the nerve, but unfortunately, if the roots are still there, they can sometimes get infected or cause pain later on, which would mean I might need another surgery (at the risk of nerve damage and permanent numbness) at some point in the future.

Imagine my surprise when Dr. Cavaretta told me that he’d unexpectedly been able to remove the roots during the surgery. Not only did I not get nerve damage, I also don’t have to worry about possible future nerve damage. An even better result than the best possible outcome I was expecting! And Dr. Cavaretta was completely friendly and professional throughout the whole thing, including calling me to check in that night.

Bonus: I recovered much more quickly from this wisdom-tooth removal than from the one two years ago. That might just be because it was one tooth instead of three, but there was significantly less pain and swelling, and no bruising or off-and-on bleeding like last time. It’s not very often that oral surgery makes you feel relief and happiness, but that’s what happened with Dr. Cavaretta.


William B.

I had six hours of implant and bone replacement surgery yesterday performed by Dr. Cavaretta— am up this morning with very little soreness of pain. I cannot say enough about how professional and knowledgeable this guy is. After surgery, he did a panaramic x-ray of the the implants and showed it to me with a pre-surgery plan he had diligently studied— and I have to tell you the implants were perfectly placed. I am getting by with hardly any soreness, pain, or swelling. I had IV sedation during the procedure and all went very well and I am talking about 11 implants and grafting done in less than 24 hours ago, and I was in surgery for six hours. I made many mistakes before I found him ( had some grafting done in Costa Rica, and for all the pain and problems all I got out of that was a punctured sinus that required surgery here from an ENT guy) Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT try getting this done overseas—

He was assisted by my general dentist who is Dr. Michael Augustine ( another highly professional guy, as my temporaries fit perfectly. I could not be more pleased with my experience there yesterday— friendly staff, and everything. I will tell you for sure that Dr Vincent Cavaretta knows what he is doing—- and in a big way— I cannot imagine how anyone could find a better surgeon-


Jun W.

Dr. Cavaretta did a great job on my implant surgery. Not only the surgery itself, but the entire process from consultation and postoperative recovery. He explained the surgery to me step by step, very clearly. Compared to teeth extraction, teeth implant has much less pain overall. The stuff/assistants working in the clinic are also very nice. I feel thankful of doing my implant with Dr. Cavaretta and his team.


Kory B.

I just went through a long process of fixing two failed implants that were done (by a different Dr.) 20 years ago. I was completely dreading the surgery, but Dr. Cavaretta explained the entire process clearly and even showed me the cool 3d printer they use to guide the surgery. The surgery included the works – gum grafts, two implants, bone grafts and even some gum recession that he fixed while he was at it. I can’t fully express how awesome Dr. Cavaretta and his staff were. The surgery was perfect and the process as smooth as possible. My regular dentist even commented on how great it looked. I completely trust Dr. Cavaretta and would recommend him for any of the above surgeries!


Aaron O.

I’ve had multiple procedures done by Dr. Cavaretta including wisdom teeth removal and a bone graft for a future implant surgery. He is top notch, very professional, and does quality work. I highly recommend him and his staff for any oral surgery work. He personally called me after surgery to make sure that everything was feeling ok. His analysis and recommendations on oral procedures are better than any past surgeons I’ve dealt with.


David C.

First, I want to make it clear Dr. Cavaretta is NOT my dentist, and he has never done anything in my mouth, other than a CT scan.

My dentist is in Los Angles. He needed a copy of my mouth CT scan. To have the CT scan done in Austin, I googled online and found the Hill Country Oral Surgery has the scanner and could do this for me. That’s how I met Dr. Cavaretta.

After I sent the scan CD to my dentist in LA, he didn’t know how to extract information from the CD. Dr. Cavaretta put in extra time and efforts; he called my dentist and tried to teach him.

However, in this case, old dog do not learn new tricks. My dentist didn’t get it, and I had to re-take the scan in LA. Dr. Cavaretta refunded my money back promptly without hesitation, or asking any question.

If ‘ethics’ is also your concern when you are looking for a dentist, I know Dr. Cavaretta certainly met your criteria.


Marcial S.

This guy (Dr. C) is awesome!! Very honest. I went in for a consultation, and he recommended that I get my crown replaced rather than doing an implant. WHAT!? Yes he recommended me upstairs to Dr. Kelp for a crown replacement which he said would work out best in my situation. You just don’t find that type of honesty nowadays. I was referred to him by someone that has had implants done and were very pleased by his work, as all the other reviews say the same. Highly recommended!!


Darby B.

Dr. Rasmussen and the staff at Hill Country Oral Surgery are the best; they go above and beyond to provide good service. They were kind, professional and polite. The office staff were very capable and flexible when scheduling and working with insurance. Dr. Rasmussen took the time to explain my condition and treatment options. I never felt rushed and I felt like he did a great job of describing my options to me. I had a tooth extraction many months back; everything is healing nicely and I have had no complications. I highly recommend Dr. Rasmussen.