Lauren O.

Two years ago, while living in California, I had 3 of my wisdom teeth out. They left the 4th one in because removing it would involve a relatively high risk of nerve damage and permanent numbness, and they figured there was no point in taking that risk if the tooth wasn’t hurting me. Fast forward two years and it was hurting me – a LOT.

Like the dentist in California, Dr. Cavaretta told me I’d need a coronectomy, i.e., he’d basically cut the top part off the tooth and leave the roots where they were. As I understand it, if you don’t move the roots, you’re less likely to damage the nerve, but unfortunately, if the roots are still there, they can sometimes get infected or cause pain later on, which would mean I might need another surgery (at the risk of nerve damage and permanent numbness) at some point in the future.

Imagine my surprise when Dr. Cavaretta told me that he’d unexpectedly been able to remove the roots during the surgery. Not only did I not get nerve damage, I also don’t have to worry about possible future nerve damage. An even better result than the best possible outcome I was expecting! And Dr. Cavaretta was completely friendly and professional throughout the whole thing, including calling me to check in that night.

Bonus: I recovered much more quickly from this wisdom-tooth removal than from the one two years ago. That might just be because it was one tooth instead of three, but there was significantly less pain and swelling, and no bruising or off-and-on bleeding like last time. It’s not very often that oral surgery makes you feel relief and happiness, but that’s what happened with Dr. Cavaretta.