David C.

First, I want to make it clear Dr. Cavaretta is NOT my dentist, and he has never done anything in my mouth, other than a CT scan.

My dentist is in Los Angles. He needed a copy of my mouth CT scan. To have the CT scan done in Austin, I googled online and found the Hill Country Oral Surgery has the scanner and could do this for me. That’s how I met Dr. Cavaretta.

After I sent the scan CD to my dentist in LA, he didn’t know how to extract information from the CD. Dr. Cavaretta put in extra time and efforts; he called my dentist and tried to teach him.

However, in this case, old dog do not learn new tricks. My dentist didn’t get it, and I had to re-take the scan in LA. Dr. Cavaretta refunded my money back promptly without hesitation, or asking any question.

If ‘ethics’ is also your concern when you are looking for a dentist, I know Dr. Cavaretta certainly met your criteria.