Kayleigh H.

When I found out I needed to get my wisdom teeth removed I researched all the possible complications and had convinced myself I was going to be one of the rare cases who die during the procedure. I was constantly debating if I should cancel the whole thing even during the car ride to my appointment. I was very terrified of being put under and never waking up. During our consultation Dr. Cavaretta explained they could do a light sedation so I would actually be awake the whole time just in a deep state of relaxation, which made me a bit more comfortable but I was still paranoid that was something was going to go wrong.

So I had all 4 wisdom teeth, plus another tooth that needed to come out removed this morning. I can’t believe how worked up I was getting over this. The whole thing was painless and I’m still alive! It seemed to go by very fast even though I was awake. The lighter sedation was very relaxing and I wasn’t even thinking about what was going on in my mouth most of the time. They gave me a nice warm blanket and sunglasses to block out the overhead light. Throughout the procedure they would ask me how I felt and made sure I was comfortable. I was given a hot/cold gel back to use at home and they wheel chaired me out to the car even though I felt fine to walk. The assistants and office staff were amazing and very friendly. One of the assistants called to check on me and later in the evening Dr Cavaretta called as well.

So far I haven’t felt much pain, just a little soreness and the weird tingling feeling of the local anesthesia wearing off. The doctor said that If there are any complications like dry socket that they will come in after hours so that you don’t have to be in pain through the night, which is pretty cool.

The only bad thing I would say is that I was prescribed anti-biotics and told to start them the day before surgery. I don’t know if he felt I was at a higher risk of infection or if this is just their standard procedure. I don’t like to take medicines if they aren’t necessary and no one I know has had to go on anti-biotics when getting their wisdom teeth out. It was never explained to me why I needed to take them, but on the other hand it’s also my fault for not asking.