Jami R.

So I am a HUGE pansy when it comes to medical things. I have survived 27 years on this earth without having to get an IV, never encountering a cavity and general good health (besides a few extra pounds). Enter my wisdom teeth. I was referred to Dr. Cavaretta after an unpleasant consult with a separate practice.
From day one Dr. Cavaretta listened to my concerns, I have an allergic reaction to Lidocaine and he really made me feel like I was in good hands. No surprises. I even told him I wasn’t afraid of the surgery…I was afraid of the IV. I didn’t want to go the way of Michael Jackson.
He assured me he would not kill me MJ style and to not say that…it’s traumatizing!

I had my surgery a month later…this past Friday. I have my sister (an OR Nurse) fly in to take care of me and we were in the office 7:15 sharp.

I had to change shirts, kinda bummed I put a lot of thought in what comfy shirt I wanted to wear, but was taken back by Heather and put at ease. They got the IV going and it probably wasn’t 3 mins before I asked if the lamp was really dancing and then woke up in the recovery room.

For pain….I have had ZERO. ZERO PAIN. I had two impacted teeth (one was a real bitch to get out apparently) and one extracted. I was out walking around at The Domain that evening and pretty much eating normally by the next day.

I don’t know if it was a combination of my sister keeping me nice and medicated and Dr. Cavaretta’s awesome skills but this was by far one of the easiest experiences ever.