Crystal L.

Dr. Cavaretta is awesome! He took out my last wisdom tooth that had been bothering me for years (I had 3 out of the 4 removed in my freshman year of college but never went back to my previous dentist) and it was quick and painless. My consultation was easy, informative and they were very attentive. They prescribed me antibiotics to take the day before surgery, some ibuprofen and some norco for the pain afterwards and it was all very seemless.

Come the day of surgery, my appointment is on a Friday morning at 9:45am, I get taken back around 9:35am (I showed up early since I was nervous) and they give me pre-surgery routines as well as information about what is going to happen. They gave me a nice warm blanket and some sunglasses to keep the lights out of my face which was quite awesome. The whole ordeal was done by 10:15am so I must say that was pretty quick of them.

I was pretty much in and out and awake the whole time, and Dr. Cavaretta was awesome as well as the assistant that helped me in my wisdom tooth removal. I got a call from him that same night from his cell phone to call if anything was needed which I thought was a super great courtesy to his patients. I healed fast over the weekend and came back for my post surgery check up today and everything was great! 🙂

They showed me how to shoot salt water into my hole where food gets trapped and I think that’s fun in an odd sort of way. So happy my dentist referred me to him as this was the easiest recovery I’ve made! Thanks!