When It Comes to Dental Implants, Why Is Metal-Free Your Best Option?

When it comes to replacing a lost tooth or teeth, implants are an excellent option for many folks. But not just any type of implant will do.

The oral surgeons at Hill Country Oral Surgery favor ceramic over traditional titanium implants. Our advanced zirconia ceramic implants are metal-free and biocompatible. Research suggests that ceramic implants allow for better blood circulation and bone retention than their metal counterparts.

Reduced Galvanic Currents

Ceramic-based, metal-free implants offer no risk of galvanic currents generated from the implants. These electrical charges happen when saliva meets metal ions. The currents accelerate corrosion with the metal, leading to increased ion release, elevating the risk of developing toxic metal reactions.

Reduced Health Risks

A study by implant expert Dr. Sammy Noumbissi followed fifty-six patients who developed severe health problems after receiving titanium-based dental implants. These medical issues included chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, muscle, joint, and nerve discomfort, neurological issues, skin rash, and inflammation.

Avoids Harmful Bacteria

Another issue is corrosion released by the metal-based implants could cause bacteria around the implant with exposure to hydrogen peroxide and fluoride.

The fact there may be harmful bacteria around an implant is not surprising. Most extractions happen because of infection and gum disease.

Corrosion of the titanium aggravates inflammation around the implant. This could result in a condition known as peri-implantitis. Only now is the dental field beginning to understand how big of a concern this presents.

Improved Appearance

In addition to being the healthier choice, ceramic dental implants look better, too. If the patient has receding or thin gums, in time, the dull grey of the titanium will show through, creating a dark shadow. The ceramic option looks closer to the natural tooth color. Beautiful, biocompatible, and durable ceramic dental implants make for healthy, happier patients.

Dental Implant Surgery in Austin, TX

Dental implant surgery can be performed in one day or split into multiple sessions. We’ll help you determine the option most appropriate for your condition.

Your surgeon will carefully place the implants into the jawbone, using specially designed guides to indicate ideal placement and depths. Or he may opt to use a freehand technique that relies on the surgeon’s experience and skill. The difference between the two techniques can be found here.

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