The Benefits of Metal-Free Dental Implants

The Benefits of Metal-Free Dental Implants

Hill Country Oral Surgery is proud to offer metal-free dental implants to our patients in Austin, TX. These strong and durable implants provide our patients with another option for tooth replacement and restoration. We want to help you get your smile back. Come in for a consultation to learn more about your options for tooth replacement, including metal-free dental implants. Call our office at 512-327-7233 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced oral surgeons.

Dental Implant Options in Austin, TX

We offer both metal and metal-free dental implants for tooth replacement. Why do we offer both types of dental implants? Each type has different strengths and using both metal and metal-free selections ensures that our patients have access to the options they need for a successful procedure.
Metal dental implants are usually made from titanium, a strong and corrosion resistant metal. These implants are currently the most commonly used type of dental implant in the U.S. and at our practice here in Austin, TX. Titanium implants consist of the screw, an abutment, and a crown. The titanium screw is implanted into the jawbone and, in time, will fuse with the bone to create a strong, solid support for the tooth. The abutment extends out of the bone and is the portion of the implant where the crown, or replacement tooth, will be attached. Titanium implants are the preferred option for many patients, including those that plan on creating a bridge of replacement crowns for multiple missing teeth, like with our All-on-4 implant treatment, a technique that restores a full arch using four or more carefully positioned implants.
Metal-free dental implants are made from zirconia, a strong ceramic material that never corrodes. We use the NobelPearl implants from Nobel BioCare. They are one of the newer options available and are some of the most effective metal-free options we’ve ever seen. We are delighted to finally be able to offer our patients a top-quality metal-free solution for tooth replacement.

The Benefits of Zirconia Dental Implants

Zirconia implants aren’t the right fit for every patient, but when used appropriately, they do offer many benefits including:
Reduced Oral Bacteria- The metal-free dental implants we use are specially constructed to reduce plaque and oral bacteria on and around the implant. Combine the unique design with good oral hygiene to dramatically improve oral health.
Shorter Surgery- Metal-free dental implants can reduce surgical and recovery times for some patients. They are placed using a different technique that benefits some patients significantly.
No Metal Allergies- Metal-free dental implants are made from ceramic, not metal. Although metal allergies are rare, these implants are ideal for patients that cannot use a titanium implant, for whatever reason.
Natural Looking Appearance- The screw and abutment portion of a titanium implant is a silver, metallic color. This can occasionally be seen through the gumline, especially in patients with thinning gums or bone. Zirconia dental implants have a white base, that looks more like a natural tooth root. Metal-free dental implants create a more natural appearance in patients with thinning gums.
Zirconia implants are also strong and long lasting, like their titanium counterparts. These implants integrate effectively into the bone, withstand biting forces, and provide beautiful, natural looking results.

Metal or Metal-Free Dental Implants: Which Should I Choose?

If you were to ask us whether metal or metal-free dental implants are the best, we would have a hard time answering. In truth, both types of dental implants are effective and valuable solutions. Both will help stimulate the bone in the jaw, protecting against bone loss and deterioration. Both implant types will restore form and function to a mouth after tooth loss. Both metal and metal-free dental implants are long lasting. We offer two distinct types of dental implant because each option has benefits.

Which one is best for you? The only way to know is to come in for a consultation. We usually have a clear preference between metal and metal-free options after a consultation. Examining your mouth, taking the necessary x-rays and imaging tests, and discussing your goals will help us find the best tooth replacement option for you. Call us and schedule a consultation at Hill Country Oral Surgery in Austin, TX.