The Advantages of Guided Implant Surgery for Your Smile

Missing teeth don’t have to be a life sentence. Dental implants can successfully restore your smile and improve your oral health. Properly placed implants can last a lifetime and allow patients to retain bone structure in the jaw, to eat foods with ease, and to smile with confidence. Call Hill Country Oral Surgery to learn about your options for dental implants in Austin, TX.

Dental implants are long lasting, but only if they are properly placed. Our surgeons use the latest tools and technologies available, including guided implant placement, to ensure the best possible results. Using a guided technique allows for a more predictable result and is much safer than other dental implant placement methods. Using the guided implant technique allows us to complete difficult implant placements, procedures that would be otherwise impossible.

Guided Implant Surgery Basics

The bases of dental implants are held in place by the jawbone, much like the root of a natural tooth. Once in place, the bone surrounding the implant screw grows, securing the implant in place. Biting forces exerted on the teeth stimulate the jawbone, maintaining a healthy bone structure and helping the implants to remain solid and stable. Implants are designed to last and many patients will enjoy them for a lifetime.

A successful implant must be placed into healthy and dense bone. If the bone is too weak, the implant won’t take hold or will become damaged from biting forces. Dental implants require solid support for success.

Guided implant surgery improves outcomes in dental implant placement by utilizing technology to plan the best locations for each implant, based on bone structure and quality. Before the procedure, a custom guide is created, showing the oral surgeon the exact placement areas and depths for each implant. These guides are made using the patient’s x-rays and imaging studies, along with a specialized software program that analyzes each patient’s unique variables. We have all the equipment available in-house to create and print customized guides for our dental implant patients.

Is Guided Implant Surgery Right for Me?

Guided implant surgery represents the latest technology in dental implant placement. It improves outcomes for many of our patients. We often use guided dental implant placement on patients with:

  • Multiple sequential implants
  • Specific positioning requirements
  • Limited bone density or volume in the jaw
  • Past dental trauma
  • Bone Grafting
  • The close proximity of other implants or teeth
  • Same day extraction and implant placement

Guided implant surgery often improves outcomes. It allows us to completely plan the surgery before placement. Using 3D imaging tools, we can show patients options and give them a realistic idea of the results we can achieve. It also allows us to pinpoint those areas that may need pre-treatment or bone grafting to ensure the best aesthetic and functional results.

There are times when a guided implant placement isn’t the best fit for a patient. These patients may benefit from a placement technique known as freehand implant placement. During freehand placement, the oral surgeon will determine implant locations using judgment, experience, and dental training. Our surgeons are familiar with both guided and freehand placement options and will choose the most appropriate option for each patient.

Invest in your smile. By using guided dental implant placement, we can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. Hill Country Oral Surgery also offers X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation, a state-of-the-art technology that provides real-time guidance to the surgeon during implant placement to ensure optimal placement of each implant.

Learn more about dental implants in Austin, TX by calling our oral surgery office for a consultation.