Am I a good candidate for immediate implant placement?

Having a missing tooth after an extraction can be concerning. A complete set of teeth is imperative, especially for people whose physical appearance play a significant role in their line of work. If you’re about to undergo a tooth extraction and don’t want to be without a tooth for a substantial amount of time, immediate implant placement could be the procedure for you.

What Is an Immediate Implant Placement?

Immediate implant placement, as the name implies, is the placement of a dental implant in the extraction socket at the same time the tooth is removed. In some cases immediate implant placement allows the placement of a new crown in the same day of the extraction. It reduces the amount of time you have to spend in the dental chair and allows for quicker healing. Patients can undergo an immediate implant placement if they pass the necessary criteria for the procedure.

Who Is a Good Candidate for an Immediate Implant Placement?

Some cases of tooth extraction may need to allow the socket to heal first before an implant placement can be performed. Traditional implant placements themselves requires some healing after an extraction. With today’s advanced technology, new procedures for implant placement have been developed. Two factors must be considered before a patient can be deemed a candidate for immediate implant placement:

  • Infection

For immediate implant placement, the patient’s area of extraction must be free from inflammation, gum disease, or any form of infection. If any infection or swelling exists, it will need to be cured first before the patient can undergo an implant placement procedure.

  • Quality and quantity

A sufficient bone quantity and density must be present surrounding the extraction site before a patient can be considered for immediate implant placement. The procedure cannot be performed for patients with whose bones are deteriorating or not able to support the stabilization of the new implants. Such cases may need time for healing, or may undergo dental procedures like bone grafting, before they can receive dental implants.

Are You a Candidate for Immediate Implant Placement?

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