Preparing for Wisdom Teeth Removal: What You Need to Know

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last type of tooth that grows into the human mouth. For many people, these teeth do not pose an issue. For others, though, there is not enough room in the mouth for the teeth to emerge. 

In these cases, a dentist must remove the wisdom teeth to prevent further discomfort, pain, and complications with the teeth and jaw. 

In fact, wisdom teeth extraction is one of the most common dental surgeries in the U.S., with almost five million people getting the procedure done annually. At Hill Country Oral Surgery, we find many of our patients wondering how they can prepare for wisdom teeth removal surgery. Here, we offer actionable advice on what you can do to make the operation go as smoothly as possible, and how to make a recovery as enjoyable as possible. 

Simple Preparation Means Simple Recovery

As with most things in life, preparation is key to an uneventful, smooth wisdom tooth removal surgery. 

In the time leading up to the surgery, patients can organize their schedules, contacts, and house in a way that sets them up for a smooth, relaxing recovery. 

One of the first things patients should do, after the surgery date is set, is prepare for how they will get to and from the clinic on the day of the operation.

Prepare Company

As wisdom teeth removal is done under general anesthesia, patients will require someone to drive them to and from the clinic for their surgery. 

Getting a friend or family member to help you prepare for surgery is one of the best steps patients can take, as it means there is someone who understands the situation and who the patient can rely on. 

Once the surgery is complete, and the patient has adequately recovered in the clinic, it is time to be taken home to where the patient will begin the recovery process.

Having someone to drive the patient from the clinic is more efficient, safer, and also more pleasant to be in good company following a surgery.

Prepare Your Schedule

Arranging time off work and clearing any dates or what might be stressful social situations is highly recommended for the recovery time following wisdom teeth removal. It means you’re able to focus directly on your own needs and healing correctly.   

The more rest you can give your body immediately following the procedure, the faster you will heal and be able to return to your regular routine fully.

This doesn’t have to mean a dull and boring recovery period, though.

Prepare Entertainment

Most of us have books that we have meant to read, movies that we’ve intended to watch, and material we have wanted to learn. 

Downtime after wisdom teeth removal provides an opportune timeframe with which to catch up on some much-needed you-time. So that you don’t need to worry about what to read or watch, prepare the books and movies you want beforehand, so you can maximize the amount of enjoyment you can get from your surgery downtime. Flood your mind with new literature and characters from your favorite movies as you stay relatively inactive for the time immediately following your surgery.

Prepare Food

Eating following wisdom teeth removal is one of the topics patients ask about most. 

For the first week, or up until any stitches are removed, patients should avoid chewing as much as possible, and avoid hot drinks or alcohol that may encourage blood thinning and bleeding. 

This means plenty of shakes, milk, ice cream, fruit juices, soups, apple sauce, foods that you can consume easily, and yet still provide the body with plenty of energy to heal.

After swelling has subsided, the jaw should start to loosen up, and patients can begin to consider eating soft foods such as bread, toast, bananas, and other nutritious and easy to chew foods. 

Doing this shopping before your surgery and having all these foodstuffs in your house before the operation will make recovery as easy as possible.

The day before the surgery, patients might want to consider fasting for 12-18 hours if they know that they can feel nauseous after general anesthesia.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Austin, Texas

Wisdom teeth removal can understandably be a daunting prospect, but patients need not be concerned. At Hill Country Oral Surgery, our expert team of dentists consistently provides the highest standards of patient care, satisfaction, safety, and results. We offer a number of procedures, including oral pathology, tooth extractions, dental implants, bone grafting and sinus lift, and more. 

If you follow these simple steps for wisdom teeth removal preparation as outlined above, you will give yourself the best chance at a speedy, enjoyable, and relaxing recovery period following your wisdom teeth removal. If you have any questions about the surgery or want to book an appointment, please call (512) 327 7233 or fill out our online form now. We look forward to hearing from you.