If you are Sick, Should You Reschedule Your Extraction Appointment?

After putting off the issue for some time, you finally came to terms with the idea of getting your tooth extracted and made the dreaded appointment with your oral surgeon. However, that very same morning, you woke up feeling under the weather – it’s not serious enough to visit the doctor, but you aren’t feeling well. You immediately wonder, do I need to cancel the extraction appointment?

Like you, most patients won’t know what to do with their upcoming oral surgery if they feel sick. But whether to reschedule or not your appointment depends on a few key factors, so we advise our patients to ask themselves the following questions to make up their minds:

Am I Feeling OK?

This is the first and most important question. You should always evaluate how sick you feel and the level of pain and discomfort you are experiencing. A dental extraction is a stressful procedure per se, and it can be a bit uncomfortable, so it is important to feel strong enough to undergo the treatment and fully recover from it.

Does it Look Like a Cold or the Flu?

If you are experiencing the symptoms of an active cold or flu (or anything contagious at all), please get in contact with our office and reschedule your dental extraction. It’s the best for your health and the health of our dental team and patients.

Which are My Signs and Symptoms?

Patients who cannot sit still during the procedure should also consider rescheduling the appointment. For example, you cannot have your teeth extracted (or receive any other dental treatment) if you are coughing or sneezing. It doesn’t matter if your condition isn’t contagious (like allergies) or if you’re feeling as fit as a fiddle. During this type of dental procedure, you need to have your mouth wide open for a considerable time, and the oral surgeon works with sharp instruments, so any sudden move can end up hurting your oral tissues.

Don’t Hesitate to Reschedule – We are Always Here for You!

If you aren’t feeling well and still don’t know what to do about it, feel free to contact our office. The front-desk team will assess you or contact our oral surgeon to help you make the best decision. We appreciate those patients that value our time and don’t want to leave us with unfilled slots, so we will do our best to offer you a new appointment as soon as possible!