How to Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene Throughout the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year when we anticipate cooler weather and prepare for the holidays. Each year we look forward to our favorite holiday eats and treats. Whether it’s pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, stuffing, roasted turkey, or some of that irresistible homemade candy, we can’t but indulge ourselves.

But to ensure our teeth survive this special time of year, we should start the season by keeping our oral health in check. Here a few fundamental tips for doing just that.

Brush After Eating

Good oral hygiene is essential throughout the year, but more so during the holiday season. With an abundance of cookies, cakes, and other sugary treats at arm’s length, you’ll know you’ll be spoiling yourself with these delights. After enjoying a piece of pie or a gingerbread man, if you can’t brush, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water to remove sugary particles and diminish the risk of tooth decay. But if possible, don’t avoid brushing directly after eating, especially after high-sugar treats.

Avoid Temptations

This time of year, our willpower will be tested. So, don’t add to the problem by keeping treats around you if possible. At work, don’t have them readily available near your workstation, and at home, don’t put them where you can see them. This practice may mean staying out of the kitchen or living area where they are spread out or displayed. You’ll have temptation enough at holiday parties, so don’t add to it if it can be helped.

Floss Everyday

During the holidays, flossing is more critical than ever. But statistics tell us that only one in four Americans floss daily. Now’s the best time to get in the habit if you don’t floss every day. Put the floss on your nightstand and do it before bedtime. If you don’t like flossing, chew sugar-free gum to reduce plaque buildup.

Use Mouthwash

Good mouthwash products not only keep your breath fresh, but they are excellent oral hygiene products. Stock your cabinet with your favorite for your family to use regularly. Look for mouthwashes that have fluoride to combat cavity formation and strengthen your enamel.

Eat Treats in Moderation

When you consume sugary beverages or foods, the bacteria in your mouth will feed off the sugar. This increase in bacteria will form acids that will breakdown the tooth enamel. Constant snacking will increase the risk of gum disease and cavities. Although flossing and brushing will help keep the bacteria at bay, it’s also important not to overindulge. Balance your sweets with healthier foods like vegetables and raw fruits, so you can enjoy the holiday without damaging your teeth.

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