Ensure Dental Health During the Holidays with These Tips

No one wants a dental emergency over the holidays. Keep your smile merry and bright all season long with these healthy dental care tips. And should a dental emergency arise, during the holidays or any other time during the year, give Hill Country Oral Surgery a call at 512-327-7233. As a top oral surgery practice in Austin, TX, we are prepared to help our patients when dental emergencies arise.

Enjoy the Candy Canes but Not Too Many

Sweets and treats abound during the holidays. We want you to indulge and enjoy the season but it’s best to keep our consumption reasonable. Candy and sugary foods are terrible for your teeth. Limit sweets to once a day and brush when you’re finished. If you can’t brush, rinse with water.

Your teeth will thank you if you choose your treats with your teeth in mind. Chewy treats stick around long after you’re finished enjoying them. Swap caramels, toffees, and candy canes for fudge, cookies, or even better, dark chocolate.

A Holiday Break Doesn’t Mean a Break from Dental Hygiene

A change in routine often leads to slacking on everyday habits, important ones like brushing and flossing your teeth. Don’t neglect your dental habits. We hope you’ll use the extra time during the holidays to improve your dental habits, not let them slide.

As you have days off during the holidays, try to incorporate a new positive dental habit, rather than letting established habits falter. Not a great flosser? Become one over the holidays. Use the extra time to improve your brushing skills. Give your smile the gift of better dental habits. What can you do to improve your dental hygiene this holiday season?

Teeth Are for Chewing, Not Opening Packages

It is easy to break a tooth but much harder to repair the damage. Teeth are for chewing, not opening packages or removing clothing tags. As you wrap and open gifts, keep a pair of scissors nearby and use them instead of your teeth.

Dental Needs Don’t Pause for the Holidays

We know the holiday season is busy and fitting in regular dental care can be a challenge, but if you have dental needs, they still need to be addressed. Regular dental visits and cleanings, restorative and repair work, tooth extractions, etc. should be a priority, even over the holidays. If you need to schedule an appointment, give us a call, and our staff will help you set things up.

Resolve to Improve Your Dental Health in 2019

Finally, while you’re enjoying the holidays with your family, spend a little time reflecting on your resolutions for the new year. We hope that one of your resolutions will be better dental health in 2019. Every smile is different, and you can choose the resolutions that will best help you achieve beautiful pearly whites. Some ideas for a healthier smile include:

  • Fix Dental Problems- Do you have a tooth that needs extracting or a gap that needs a dental implant? Resolve to fix any existing dental problems in 2019. We’re scheduling consultations for January and February now. Call us to get on the schedule!
  • Visit the Dentist Regularly- Consistent dental visits can help you avoid many dental problems. Ask your dentist how often you need to come in for cleanings and checks. If you haven’t been consistent on dental visits, 2019 is a great time to start.
  • Brush Better- Brushing teeth shouldn’t take a lot of time, but it does require a few minutes. Many of our patients don’t spend enough time brushing or don’t brush effectively. Ask your dentist for tooth brushing tips and try to spend at least 2-3 minutes brushing, 2x a day.

Making a few small changes with the coming new year can transform and improve your smile for decades to come. Whatever you resolve, make sure that your teeth make the list.

Wishing you a happy holiday season from all of us at Hill Country Oral Surgery in Austin, TX.