Why wisdom tooth extraction?

wisdomteethxrayWisdom teeth, often called third molars, are the final four teeth to erupt into the mouth. Many people do not need wisdom teeth extraction if they are fully exposed and without pathology. However, often times there is not enough room for these teeth to come into the correct position and to be maintained in a healthy and cleanable condition. If these malpositioned teeth are not removed, damage to the neighboring teeth can occur, and in the most severe situations, impacted teeth can be the source for cysts and benign tumors of the jaws.

When should my wisdom teeth be removed?

Timing for wisdom tooth removal is dependent on your individual circumstances, which can easily be determined with an oral examination and review of X-rays. For the average person this time is generally between the ages of 15-20. We often advocate removal of these teeth before they are fully developed because the surgery can be performed more easily and with less risk of complications, resulting in a quicker and more pleasant recovery. Some patients may require extraction at an even earlier age to prevent damage to the adjacent teeth.

wisdomteeth2How is wisdom tooth surgery performed?

At Hill Country Oral Surgery, we treat each patient as an individual and will tailor our treatment to your individual needs. We have a variety of options available from local anesthetics to IV sedation to make this as comfortable a process as possible. If you chose to have sedation, our doctors have been fully trained by anesthesiologists in the hospital setting, and will perform your anesthetic in a safe state-of- the-art facility. Most patients can have all of their wisdom teeth removed in a single surgical visit, thus alleviating the need for multiple procedures, anesthetics, and increased recovery time.

What will my recovery be like?

Every patient is different and the recovery process can be dependent on the degree of difficulty of your extraction. For the average person at least three days of downtime requiring prescription medications can be expected. Minor soreness for a week or so following the surgery can occur, but should not limit your daily activities. Some patients with complicated teeth may require a greater length of recovery time. After consultation and evaluation of your specific situation, we will be able to review your specific risks and expected healing time.

Our primary goal at Hill Country Oral Surgery is to make this as comfortable a process as possible.

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