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Our practice truly believes that quality starts with caring. We understand that successful surgery not only begins with technical finesse and excellence, but with the ability to provide an informed understanding of your care while making you feel at ease. This can only be accomplished when our team takes the time to listen. At Hill Country Oral Surgery, we value the trust you place in our team by allowing us to participate in your oral health care. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of care in our state of the art practice. We are committed to giving you the benefit of the latest knowledge and technological advances, and with that knowledge, we will work with you to individualise and tailor your care to fit your needs.

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Our commitment to comfort and safety

At Hill Country Oral Surgery we pride ourselves on creating a safe and relaxed experience above and beyond what you would expect from an oral surgery office. We have many tools available to tailor treatments to your individual needs, and help you through your procedure. We make this commitment to you with the understanding that your safety is paramount, and we promise to use latest knowledge and tools in medicine and surgery to get you through this process.

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Patient Information

We pride ourselves on empowering our patients through information. In this section you will find details, handouts, forms, and videos that will help you from your first visit to the post-operative period. Please let us know if you need any additional information or have any questions.

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I opted to get all four of my impacted wisdom teeth out and choose Dr. Cavaretta after some careful research. When I went in for my consultation, I was thoroughly impressed, my x-ray, risks and benefits video, discussion and Q&A with Dr. Cavaretta, as well as my insurance benefits explanation took about 45 minutes. He… Read More »

- Lauren C.

When I found out I needed to get my wisdom teeth removed I researched all the possible complications and had convinced myself I was going to be one of the rare cases who die during the procedure. I was constantly debating if I should cancel the whole thing even during the car ride to my… Read More »

- Kayleigh H.

So I am a HUGE pansy when it comes to medical things. I have survived 27 years on this earth without having to get an IV, never encountering a cavity and general good health (besides a few extra pounds). Enter my wisdom teeth. I was referred to Dr. Cavaretta after an unpleasant consult with a… Read More »

- Jami R.

Dr. Cavaretta is awesome! He took out my last wisdom tooth that had been bothering me for years (I had 3 out of the 4 removed in my freshman year of college but never went back to my previous dentist) and it was quick and painless. My consultation was easy, informative and they were very… Read More »

- Crystal L.

Dr. Cavaretta is without a doubt one of the BEST surgeons in Austin! Like everyone, I was a total wreck going in to have 4 wisdom teeth removed. He explained the procedure in depth during our consultation and took a lot of extra time to answer my rapid-fire questions. All the way through, he has… Read More »

- Kendra W.




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